bosque brown

Bosque Brown / Mara Lee Miller is a singer songwriter based out of Fort Worth, Tx.




Bosque Brown make the music of memory. That's a different task than music to make memories to, or by, or even memory as reminder. It's music made from air and consequence. It's reduced to it's essential parts, born away from music bars that trap notes and drunken bars that trap people. It exists a few feet above all that, in a place of formation.


For example, you might be cutting through cauliflower in your kitchen and all the sudden there you are. Memory? Daydream? Most certainly a blended existence of past, present, and future happening simultaneously in front of, and behind your eyes. Bosque Brown allow this to happen with a swell of sound, be it voice or chord. It moves from under your feet and right into a place in your vision where the wall and the coffee maker and your former and current love exist.


In that moment have you gotten older? Have you tricked yourself into being younger? Or are you living somewhere in-between? Somewhere between air and consequence, reduced to your essential being, ready with formation.

-Andy Young